To inspire and enlighten through the beauty of dance

About The Schiff Dance Collective

"Every week, I look forward to coming to Schiff and no matter what I’m dealing with , I can count on feeling better by the time I leave. I am always so confident and supported here because Schiff is a second home. I always have a positive experience and I cannot imagine dancing anywhere else. The experience for me at Schiff is incredible, we are a family, nobody left out and nobody left behind."
Schiff Dance Student


Our Mission

Since founded in 2006 by Artistic Director, Jenny Schiff, The Schiff Dance Collective has been Schiffting audiences throughout Colorado.  Using human themes and stories gathered from their community to create choreographic works, they strive to make dance relatable to a larger audience and create community through the arts.  Having presented a number of evening length works and commissions they have been described as “stunning”, “a fresh look”, and “powerful”.  Through performances, instruction, and outreach The Schiff Dance Collective aids the community in finding the truth and passion in their lives through movement.

Our Mission

​A contemporary dance company with a commitment to inspire and enlighten the public through the beauty of dance; while upholding the foundation, artistry, and heritage of this powerful movement art.
We include, create, and support a community of artists-regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic class-giving them an opportunity to find their power through creativity and a medium for their voice to be heard.
We are carried by our collective force to a place where we can be free: where we can share, where we can live, where we can heal, where we can dance.


"Contemporary Dance, while consisting of precise moves and techniques, tends to be guided by a higher calling- usually a central thesis that the dancers attempt to portray using their bodies, movements, and music, rather than creating a dance performance that simply looks pretty or fits the song. This is no easy task, but one that the members of The Schiff Dance Collective take on with conviction and grace."
Anne Vickman
Boulder Weekly