To inspire and enlighten through the beauty of dance

The Schiff Dance Collective's (TSDC's) outreach program includes residents of the AIM, Earl, and Rose Houses. These young men and women are living in transitional housing to overcome their addictions and obstacles.  TSDC enhances residents’ recovery through performances, discussions, and Schiff-ting. These young people’s stories have been incorporated into the professional evening-length shows. 

TSDC brings excerpts of upcoming work to local schools including New Vista High School, Sanchez Elementary, GALS School, and Boulder County School of Integrated Studies. Students have an opportunity to see excerpts of upcoming work from the professional company and discuss the power that dance has to tell our stories and create community.

For the 2016/2017 season the professional company will be collaborating with the youth and staff at Attention Homes to gathered the stories of these young people and create an evening length work inspired by them. Attention Homes creates life changing resources for youth in crisis.

From 2012-present outreach programs served 1260  young women and men in Boulder County ages 5-25.

TSDC is always looking for new outreach collaborations. Please contact

 “During the Schiff-ting exercise that we did, I got to experience my own truth in movement, which was pretty cool. With my eyes closed, I found myself basking in the vulnerability of the moment. The mindfulness of each step meant something different than when I just walk. By the end of the third pass across the room, I felt a beautiful, sweeping gratitude for all those participating for allowing me to reach such a personal and spiritual space in their presence. I left quietly with a newfound sense of respect that I didn’t have when I entered the space at the beginning of the night.” 

Outreach Participant

​ "By sharing their stories through the medium of dance, Jenny Schiff and The Schiff Dance Collective have changed how all of us at Creative Recovery think of our own stories. In doing so, they have truly helped to change the course of our lives for the better."
Creative Director
AIM House